Association between physical activity and the severity and trajectory of symptoms in patients with COVID-19

This project investigates the association between physical activity and the severity as well as the trajectory of symptoms in patients with COVID-19.

Biomechanical risk factors for running-related injury

This project investigates which spatiotemporal and ground reaction force characteristics are prospectively related to running-related injury.

Accelerometry-based physical activity and their association with non-communicable diseases in Luxembourg

This project strives to determine the prevalence of physical activity in adults residents of Luxembourg and to investigate the association with cardiometabolic risk factors.

Toward a better understanding of the relationship between shoe cushioning, impact forces and running injury risk

The primary objective of this project investigates the effect of shoe cushioning on the time, magnitude and frequency characteristics of impact forces using frequency-domain analyses.

Advanced analytical methods to assess physical activity behaviour using accelerometer time series: A scoping review

Our team aims at identifying metrics that have been developed so far to define physical activity patterns using raw accelerometry data.

Time-varying residential neighborhood effects on cardiometabolic health - MET’HOOD

This project investifates the relationships between socio-economic & physical environmental characteristics of residential neighbourhoods, behavioural CM risk factors, & metabolic syndrome.