Laurent Malisoux, PhD is the Group Leader of the Physical Activity, Sport and Health (PASH) research group. Over the last 5 years, he focused his research activities on the prevention of sports injury and the evaluation of physical activity in the general population in Luxembourg.

Running-related injuries

Laurent Malisoux has specifically developed an expertise in running-related injuries and conducted 3 randomized controlled trials on the effect of specific shoe features on injury risk in leisure-time runners. His research relies on both epidemiological and biomechanical approaches.

Research projects


• Effects of bodyweight and shoe cushioning on injury risk and running biomechanics: A randomized control trial.

• Identification of meaningful and sensitive metrics to capture the different dimensions of physical activity using 24h time-series accelerometry data.

• The observation of cardiovascular risk factors in Luxembourg – Wave 2 (ORISCAV-LUX 2).


• Injury prevention at the Luxembourgish Army.

• Influence of sports flooring on impact forces during jump tasks.

• Assessment of physical activity in the Luxembourgish population.

• Does running shoe drop influence injury risk? An epidemiological and biomechanical study.

• Impact of shoe type on running-related injury: A randomized controlled trial comparing conventional running footwear with and without anti-pronation system.

• Relationship between training load and injury incidence in competitive young athletes.




"Our study is the first worldwide to investigate both running technique and injury risk
in such a large cohort and over such a long period of time."
says Laurent Malisoux, PhD, Group Leader of PASH research group.

76, rue d'Eich
L-1460 Luxembourg
Phone : +352 26 970 231