Anne BACKES - Research Engineer


Anne has a BSc degree in Sport Sciences and a MSc degree in Ergonomics – Human Factors Engineering, both from Technical University of Munich. In parallel, she worked as research assistant at the Associate Professorship of Sport Equipment and Sport Materials. She specialised in the areas of product ergonomics, applied statistics and scientific research. In the context of her master thesis, she established a study design, conducted experiments and evaluated the effects of forged biofeedback on physiological and psychological parameters during self-paced physical exercise.


Anne gained substantial experience in the inclusion of wearable technologies in data collection process for digital monitoring of study participant’s physiological attributes. Moreover, she assisted on the experimental design, execution and statistical evaluation throughout several studies, programmed the generation of standardised reports for participant feedback and put results down in scientific reports and papers.   

Key skills

• R, Matlab and Python programming

• Descriptive and inferential statistical analysis

• Physical activity and sleep behaviour analysis using time-series accelerometry data

• Biomechanics (e.g. running and gait analysis)


• Investigation of new multidimensional and complex metrics to map participant’s 24-hour physical activity profiles and their association with certain health conditions.

• Processing of previously gathered accelerometer data from the ORISCAV-LUX2 study to use for further investigation of potential interaction with demographics and correlation with non-communicable diseases.

• Prediction of cumulative load of the lower limbs during running using field-based measures from a wearable device (e.g. step rate, vertical oscillation and ground contact time).



Anne Backes, PASH research group, physical activity profiles and their association with certain health conditions.

Anne Backes, Research Engineer

PASH research group

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